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Taste and health go hand in hand in our products. We know exactly what kinds of Atlantic seaweeds can light up your tastebuds and well-being. In addition, we ensure that all our foods contain considerable amounts of these sea vegetables. What you sea is what you get:

Seaweed burger

Seaweed burger

Call it vegetarian meat, call it a taste sensation, call it power food ... The fact is that this burger does well at every feast. The dulse and wakame weeds provide a savory taste and crispy bite. You can eat it as a traditional burger on a bun, or as a meat substitute in your meal. Bon appetite!

Seaweed pasta

Seaweed pasta

Pasta is already a very tasty product. Yet it can be even better, when seaweed is added to the recipe: Seaweed fibers are world chapions in retaining water, which does wonderful things to the mouthfeel of this tagliatelle. Moreover, the same fibers can make your after-dinner dip disappear. Yam!

Seaweed salads

Seaweed salads

Why not upgrade your salad with sea veggies? In our ‘SeaGreenSalads’, pasta is replaced with sea spaghetti. Dulse is used instead of bacon. Wakame acts as spinach. And Sea Lettuce is put in instead of… well, you know. These salads more than match your taste expectations, while doubling the amount of vitamins and minerals. FeelGoodHappyFood!



Our current food system is unearthly to say the least: The challenge of feeding 9 billion people by 2050 will not be met, if solutions are only sought on land. By using the potential of seaweed as a food source, it is not only possible to save us from starvation; it will also provide better quality food, accompanied by a reduced pressure on the environment. In that way, we can restore the natural balance in our bodies and the world.


Although seaweeds hold solutions to many world problems, the key factor is to let everyone see - and in this case: eat - the solution: That’s why we aim to create foods that are different and better at the same time: A better salad. A better pasta. A better burger. Moreover, we want to tell the story of seaweed. There is so much that most of us don’t know about these extraordinary marine vegetables. In this way, we hope that you also Sea the Solution!



The strength of seaweed is second to none: With the greatest of ease it can withstand gale force winds and waves of more than 10 meters. In addition, seaweed contains a lot of more vitamins and minerals than any other vegetable on land. On top of that, these age-old plants are protected from bacteria, viruses and fungi by the unique bioactive compounds that they create for themselves. No wonder that seaweed is (al)so good for us!


In countries where seaweed is eaten, people add years to their life and life to their years: The unique healthy components such as fucoxanthin, alginate and eicosapentaenoic acid can certainly contribute to this. There are many scientific studies that point at a link between seaweed consumption and health. This shows that it is important to get enough seaweed. And that most of us aren’t getting it yet!


Almost all species of seaweed are edible. Quite a few are also really tasty: Dulse (Palmaria palmata) has a distinctly savoury taste, especially when it is heated. Wakame - divided into Japanese wakame (Undaria pinnatifida) and Atlantic wakame (Alaria esculenta) - are fairly neutral seaweeds, with a slight spinach- and endive-like flavour. Sea lettuce (Ulva lactuca) is slightly spicier than iceberg lettuce and doing well in salads, while Sea spaghetti (Himanthalia elongata) is really like green spaghetti, with a slightly salty and creamy taste.


Seaweed is the food of the future: You can grow in the sea, so you do not have to compete with scarce farmland. Chemical fertilizers or pesticides? None of that is needed to grow seaweed! In addition, a seaweed farm can form a ‘green cycle’ with a salmon farm: The weeds use the droppings of the fish as fertilizer, thus growing faster while reducing environmental pollution. Once harvested, the healthy, protein-rich seaweeds function as a power food for the fish. This again results in healthier salmon, with more healthy omega-3's. So everyone benefits!


Our team


Toine Wilke

Better known as ‘The Seaweedman’ in the Netherlands, Toine sees it as his personal mission is to reinforce the connection between man and ocean. On one of his travels through Indonesia, he discovered that it is possible to both eat and farm seaweed. That’s when he could ‘Sea the future’.

Toine holds a BSc in biochemistry and a MSc in Nutrition. He did award-winning research on seaweed in Ireland, before returning to the Netherlands to co-found SeaGreen. You can always find him near or in the water; surfing, swimming, fishing, or diving for some fresh, wild seaweed.

Bart van Olphen

Bart is a renowned chef in the world of seafood. Driven by a passion for good food on the one hand, and a healthy planet on the other. From his experience in the seafood business, he could see the seaweed revolution coming.

Bart is one of the founders of Fish Tales, a company that provides sustainable fish, together with its story. His youtube channel is now part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube.

Harm Jan

Harm Jan van Dijk

Harm is a straight forward entrepreneur with a good feeling for opportunities and a ernormous drive. He understands the problems that companies face in the field and knows how to translate his huge marketing knowledge in simple solutions that work in the market.

Together with Bart, Harm co-founded Fish Tales in 2014. Before, he held differerent positions in operations and marketing in the food industry.


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