Maledives – Skipjack Tuna – Ali

Ali gets on the boat in the port of Mandhoo, in the sunny Maldives. On board is Captain Hussein, his boat is one of a larger fleet. Another trip with all the fishermen to catch skipjack tuna. Fish Tales has specifically chosen this fishery because Ali and the other fishermen fit within our philosophy.

At sea
Once at sea the men get to work. First the bait is caught. This is necessary to lure the skipjack tuna to the hook. When they are out of bait, the fishing is over.
At sunrise the bate is gently thrown overboard. Twelve men are standing ready at the flat back of the turquoise dhoni. Barefoot, because then they have more grip. Water is sprayed into the sea, so the tuna doesn’t see the boat, but only bubbles. Then the poles are thrown out.